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Small Business Web Design

Would you send someone who doesn’t completely represent your business’s personality, professionalism, and expertise to greet your potential customers? Of course you wouldn’t! You would only send the best of the best! Otherwise, you could miss out on getting a customer that would have otherwise brought in some cash to your business!

The same thinking should apply to your website. In a world where the Internet plays such a major role in the average person finding the products or services they are seeking, it is important to have your own piece of the Internet that is a direct reflection of everything your business stands for! Your website is the first thing many future possible customers will see, and it could mean the difference between people calling your phone number or people passing your business up for the next one in line.

It’s not hard to find someone who has the ability to create a website for your business, but simply having a nice looking website isn’t enough! Unfortunately, most ‘web designers’ don’t have a clue when it comes to building a website that is specifically designed to convert visitors into leads or customers.

Here at OMS3, we bring the best of both worlds. We have a design team that can build an awesome looking website that encompasses everything your business stands for, and we also know how to build websites that will convert visitors into leads. Combine our Local Small Business SEO service with our Web Design service, and you will have a website that is a case-getting machine!

Do You Hate Your Current Website?

If your Law Firm already has a website, but you don’t think it’s doing a good job turning visitors into leads, we can help! We can do a complete redesign of your current website, or we can make some key changes that should help bring in more business from your site.

Are You Starting a New Practice? Or Do You Need a Website?

If your Law Firm doesn’t have a website yet, we can build a website that directly reflects your Law Firm’s personality, professionalism, and expertise. The sites we build will look amazing and also do what they are supposed to do – turn visitors into leads.