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Small Business SEO


Right now, as you read this, there is someone in your local area who needs your business’s services.

Five years ago, this person probably picked up the yellow pages and randomly picked businesses to call. Maybe they even called a few of the businesses who paid for a premium ad spot in the their section of the yellow pages.

Today though, this person who needs your business’s services probably doesn’t even have a physical copy of the yellow pages. Instead, he or she is turning on their computer, opening their favorite web browser, and searching for busineses in their local area by using a search engine (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Here at OMS3, the goal of our Local Small Business SEO service is to get your website in position to turn this person searching for your services with Google, Yahoo, or Bing into a paying customer for your buisness. 95% of all search engine traffic is divided amongst the top five first results on the first page of the search engines. This means, if you want to drive any noticeable traffic to your business’s website from the search engines, your site needs to be in at least one of these top five positions!

Now, imagine if your business dominated all five of those positions… While total search engine domination takes time, here at OMS3, we are confident that we can achieve dominance for multiple search terms (or keywords). Not only will being at the top of the search engines drive new business to your business, but it will also establish your business as the expert in your area of practice.