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Do You Know Who’s Following You?

Posted on: September 26, 2013 by in Business Building
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Knowing who your followers are helps make the difference in whether or not social media is a profitable undertaking of a humongous time-suck. We might have thousands of followers and fans, but if we aren’t aware of what they are interested in, or what aspects of our business they find appealing, we often find that the response we get can be something less than thrilling. Since we realize we have to match message to market, let’s figure out how we can learn about the like and dislikes of our social media fans.

So how can you determine social media demographics?

When we go to analyze an audience for a web page, we frequently use tools like and Quantcast. These aren’t quite enough for what we’re looking for here, but lucky for you, there are a few new tools on the market that help arm you with all the information you need about your social media demographics.

Three of our favorite new tools!

Here are three we like right out of the gate.

DemographicsPro - Known up until recently as KnowYourFollowers, this tool breaks down your Twitter followers into armloads of data, including country, state, gender, interests, other people followed, their jobs and more. This is provided in both a numerical and percentage format, giving you the most chance to target your followers.

Birdsong - Birdsong is a social intelligence tool that generates on demand reports with analysis and insight as to what brands are doing on their social outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and others. This is very useful to understand how your competition is targeting their social media, and how you can too!

SoDash - A very unique and useful tool SoDash combines the act of listening to social media into actual lead generation, customer service, brand management and competition monitoring.

Understanding the buzz and chatter about you and your competitors is the beginning of the ability to make use of the information better in your marketing.

Creative Ways to Use Vine in Your Video Messaging

Posted on: September 24, 2013 by in Business Building
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Creative Ways to Use Vine in Your Video Messaging

No doubt you’ve been fascinated by the new Vine video platform, but you’re also a bit perplexed as to how to make use of it. I mean, six seconds of video isn’t a great deal of time to work with in any message. However, the truth is, the limitations of this medium are also part of its power. Using this time judiciously has led to some innovative uses and messaging!

How other businesses are making use of Vine videos

Vine has seen businesses produce some very innovative and striking videos since they’ve launched. Despite the time limitations, some businesses have embraced the platform and are making Vines that are getting significant attention and views. The real key to winning with Vine would be to emphasize the quirky, fun and new aspects of the products or messages you want to feature. Nobody expects an epic film, but however, they do expect to be entertained! Some ways businesses are using Vine videos include videos about new products or people, customer service messages, and human-interest pieces. Businesses of every size are finding cool ways to employ Vine videos.

Here are a few examples:

General Electric is using Vine to develop innovative ways to share science in cool ways.

The Gap is using Vine as an online video catalog.

Bacardi is using these short snippets to give away drink recipes featuring their favorite rum!

Not to be outdone, Malibu Rum has created a thirst-quenching Vine of their own!

As part of the launch for their Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell produced a yummy Vine to whet their customer’s appetites!

Lowes home improvement stores has innovated by building a series of #lowesfixinsix

Let your imagination run wild!

Vine videos can be quite a novel way to introduce new staff, new products, new directions and more. It’s really only limited by your imagination. Certainly, time isn’t a factor! Take a few moments and look at through some Vine videos, and find out if this isn’t a platform that your company or small business can utilize!

10 Smart Ways to Make Your Marketing More Effective

Posted on: September 20, 2013 by in Business Building
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Everyone is constantly searching for the easy button, yet when it’s shown to us, we frequently view it and say, “there has to be more to it that that”. Ignoring ways to make positive changes to our businesses because they’re not sexy or the latest shiny new toy, is practically demanding the “Closed” sign to be put out. Remember the Pareto Principle; 80 percent of your results will come from 20 percent of your efforts. Having said that, listed here are ten simple yet effective ways to improve your marketing efforts.

  1. Write a company blog - Use a company blog to be your voice. It will result in better relationships with your customers, social reach more effective customer service.
  2. Use specifics in your offers - Be sure you aren’t attempting to market everything and anything. You will become known for nothing! Pick a specialty and get great at it!
  3. Benefits not features - Your customers need to find out what it will do for them, not every detail of the widget. Highlight the results they’ll get, and you hit the sweet spot!
  4. Make value your mission - Become recognized for the value you deliver, and you’ll sell long and prosper!
  5. Use social media - Make connecting with your people on social media a priority. It’s not only a great way to pre-sell, but also build relationship and deliver awesome customer service.
  6. Make videos - Find ways to use video in your business, as this is where the audience is today. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so it’s time to tap into some of that!
  7. Listen - Make sure to hear what’s being said to you, both on your site and in social media. It matters!
  8. Make good use of autoresponders – Using pre-written autoresponder sequences will easily and painlessly integrate new subscribers into your business.
  9. Take care of your customers - Since it’s so difficult to secure a new customer, why not take care of the ones you have? They are much easier to sell to.
  10. Make sure to have a call to action - If you don’t request the action, it is much more likely it won’t occur. Don’t be that guy. Ask for the sale!

Tips to Survive Gmail’s Latest “Help”

Posted on: September 19, 2013 by in Business Building
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Tips to Survive Gmail’s Latest “Help”

Unless you’ve taken an email vacation, you’ve probably heard that Google changed their inbox in Gmail, creating three default tabs which are Primary, Social and Promotional. They are pretty self-explanatory, but the resulting uproar from marketers crying, “The sky is falling” was shouted virtual coast to virtual coast. Never mind that Google unsurprisingly thinks they can manage your inbox far better than you can. What’s important here for marketers is finding methods to deal with this change and make sure your emails are seen by those on your list with Gmail accounts.

So what can you do?

If it’s your own Gmail account, you can just go with it, custom adjust your tabs, or for now, switch back to the old Inbox. If your aim is the open rates of the emails you’re sending to your lists, you’ll want to be a little more hands-on that that. Only your most engaged subscribers will take the effort to move your emails, and that means that most of your messages go unopened and unread. Already there is evidence that open rates are plunging due to this, and to make matters worse, now Google is placing email subject line-like ads at the top of the promotional box, making it even harder to vie for attention. While no other email providers have followed suit yet, it’s most likely just a matter of time. The important thing now is understanding what we can do to avoid having our emails land in “promotional hell”.

Several tips to make sure your emails get read in Gmail

  • Create Serialized emails – keep them coming back for more, no matter what inbox it ends up in.
  • Avoid hypey words in your subject lines. This only helps Google define it as promotional.
  • Let people know that if they don’t find your emails, look in their promotional tab and move them for easier access.
  • Make them anxious to see your next email by offering terrific content!